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J+S Vision Authorized Dealers

J+S Vision sells products ONLY through authorized dealers. Only J+S Vision sunglasses and computer glasses purchased from an authorized dealer satisfy the quality assurance standards of J+S Vision and include a valid J+S Vision warranty. At J+S Vision, our first concern is always your ultimate satisfaction with your J+S Vision purchase. We go to great lengths to make sure you get the best products and fantastic service. To ensure that your J+S Vision product is authentic and protected by our warranty, please purchase J+S Vision products only from authorized dealers.

Receive the following benefits by purchasing your J+S Vision product from an authorized dealer:

  • Authentic J+S Vision products that meet our quality assurance standards
  • 30 Day, 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • 1 Year coverage under the manufacturer’s warranty
  • Knowledgeable sales personnel, trained directly by J+S Vision


Authentic J+S Vision products may be purchased from an authorized J+S Vision dealers listed below:


Unauthorized/Counterfeit Sellers

J+S Vision products sold through unauthorized sellers may not be authentic and are not covered by J+S Vision’s warranty policy. Unauthorized sellers may be selling counterfeit, used, damaged, or altered products (including products that have had serial numbers removed or altered), and often do not even have the J+S Vision products in inventory to sell.

If you have any questions regarding whether you are dealing with an authorized J+S Vision dealer you can check J+S Vision’s list of authorized dealers here or contact us.

To help guide you, we have compiled below a list of known unauthorized sellers. This is not a complete list, and we recommend you check the authorized dealer links above or contact us if you have any doubts. We note that unauthorized sellers may appear on a 3rd party marketplace site, such as Amazon.com or eBay.com.

Beware of the following sellers offering counterfeit J+S Vision products:

Unauthorized Amazon.com sellers offering counterfeit products:

  • FlexiSMaxer
  • DispIay
  • zhuncuxi
  • Tag band
  • guxuegan
  • aoying
  • Honglin Li
  • Flying Fly
  • Devon Skinaer
  • steven behrent
  • Bonnie Acosta
  • Omar Hall
  • Donald Stump
  • Gabby Medina
  • marcus watts
  • Matthew Boswel
  • annetta evans
  • sharon bowekaty


Unauthorized eBay.com sellers offering counterfeit products:

  • platinumlifestyles101
  • chickadeebusinesssolutions
  • misternisha
  • sogoodplace
  • samuelchan_89
  • hopeshop2014
  • jpurse83
  • shimi536
  • mysong-m